KFC Abandons Baked Product Plans Following Poor Sales

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

A report published by the Daily Mail revealed that KFC spent £8m installing ovens in sites across the UK with a plan to introduce new baked and grilled items, alongside its infamous deep-fried menu.

Unfortunately for the fast food giant, there were poor sales on three of the healthier items, including the Brazer grilled chicken sandwich.  Another item critiqued by the public are the fries, as the chain tried to make them healthier by cutting them thicker in order to soak up less oil while cooking.

However, there has been a lot more success with a rice box that contains salad, rice and one piece of fried chicken, bringing the meal to under 500 calories.

There have been trials with vegan alternatives elsewhere in the UK which have seen a lot more success and positive feedback.