It could take you 4 years to reserve a table at this pub

Thursday, July 27, 2023

A pub with just seven tables has the world's longest waiting list for a Sunday roast as people scramble desperately to find a meal.

Trickiest pub in Britain getting a table - and there is a four year waiting list

The New York Post reports that, through the website of payment service provider Dojo, The Bank Tavern in Bristol is experiencing 'such demand' following the closure that its waiting list for Sunday roasts has been soaring for four years.

A silent boozy guy from Bristol is the most difficult pub in the world to book a table, some pub-goers have to wait four years to secure a seat for a Sunday roast.

Speaking to Bristol Live last year, Sam Gregory, the pub's owner, announced the pub had made a decision to repay any booking made because of COVID.

Away from the hustle and bustle of Bristol city centre, The Bank Tavern has been at its same location since the nineteenth century.

As regards the starters, customers are said to be able to choose from maple-sourced Sriracha glazed pork belly with cider salad, Greek squid balls and masoor dahl pakoras.

Cove Club in London is the ninth highest tasting establishment waiting three months.