Hospitality wages have been growing by 53% in the last 10 years.

Monday, January 30, 2023

Office for National Statistics data analysed by auditors Hazelwoods showed average weekly earnings for full-time people earning £300 a week in the hospitality category increased from £328 in 2012 to £502 per week by 2022.

Furthermore, workers at the sector have seen rapid wage inflation over the past 12 months, with average weekly wages skyrocketing by nearly one-fourth (23%) from £409 in 2021 to £502 in 2022.

This means in the same period that the average worker in the hospitality industry has benefited from four times wage inflation, comparing poorly with the average UK worker, who has seen rises of 4.9 per cent, from £696 a week in 2021

to £729 in 2022.

Hazlewoods said some of the pay rises have been because of the increase in the national minimum wage, also up by 53 per cent over the past decade, from £6.19 per hour in 2012 to £9.50 in 2022.

The pay rises are being fueled by labour shortages stemming from Brexit restrictions that are cutting the number of workers coming to Britain from the EU.