Hospitality industry 'Must Not Pay Price For Christmas' says industry lobby group

Monday, November 30, 2020

The Scottish Hospitality Group (SHG) has been calling on the Scottish Government to commit to ensuring that pubs, bars and restaurants are not unfairly penalised when lockdown rules are eased.

There is also a petition urging the Scottish government "to streamline" the Grades and allow viable businesses to trade at a crucial time of the year to "streamline the Grades," calling for licensed spaces to be allowed on Grades Two, Three and three.

Spokesman Stephen Montgomery (pictured) said: 'More flexibility behind local restraints and better grants, including lifting funding ceilings, are needed to stop the sector being penalised for irresponsible private assembly.

Stephen Montgomery, spokesperson for Scottish Hospitality Group, said: "We need the Scottish Government to tweak the tiers and let viable businesses trade over a crucial time of year. That will allow us to provide spaces for safer socialising, minimising the risks of a third wave.

The new petition, which urges the Scottish government to "optimise ranks," is part of a broader campaign to target small tweaks to restrictions, which could prevent closures and lay-offs.

It comes after we reported how co-owner of The Sanctuary nightclub alongside 100 other nightclub owners, managers and hospitality staff across Britain, has launched an emergency campaign urging for extra support during the Pandemic period.