Hospitality giants join forces to support industry during pandemic

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Now, for the first time, the industry is teaming up to help the people affected by Covid-19.

Some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry, among them Michel Roux Jr, Clare Smyth, Raymond Blanc, Alastair Storey, Wendy Bartlett and Danny Pecorelli, support the initiative.

Some of the world's biggest hospitality names call CareerScope an important initiative to safeguard workers' futures.

Roux, chef, patron of two Michelin starred restaurant Le Gavroche in London 'Each year thousands of young people come to work in our industry, but Covid-19 has forced many businesses to lay off staff to survive. Post-Covid and post-Brexit, I really fear for the future generation of young chefs, waiters, restaurateurs and hoteliers.

A digital academy will also provide basic training for the unemployed, from customer service and food safety all the way to the webinars of trust and assertiveness.

Clare Smyth, patron of Core by clarify: "We were facing a staffing crisis before COVID-19. We need to take drastic action to ensure there is the next generation of chefs coming through when the industry recovers, when opportunities for chefs to grow and develop will be stronger than ever. CareerScope is a great initiative to help those who've lost their jobs get back on their feet and give them the skills and support to relaunch their career.