Hilarious moment Wally the walrus seizes boats

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

A massive 2.000kg (2.330lb) arctic walrus called Wally wreaks havoc and devastation on the back of luxury boats and yachts, but the turbulence stops.

A big, moustached tourist is terrorising boat owners at times all summer when visiting the Irish Sea.

After the walrus turned up on signs belonging to a local RNLI lifeboat in Tenby, Wales, it popped up across town.

On moored boats and pontoons the 2.000 kilogram marine mammal rests. On this it sets off a tidal wave of destruction at the bottom of the riverbank.

It was discovered in Wales, Cornwall, the Scilly Isles and as far west as France.

Arctic walrus nears its doom on a floating couch in Ireland

The idea was originated by Marine Life Rescue, a British diving organisation, which assisted with creating a "floating couch" for the walrus to prevent shipping to the Scilly Islands.

"A designated rib has been set out since, which will hopefully lure him away from other boats to reduce property damage, and we are working with the local community to monitor him there until he has rested enough to continue on his long journey," SRI Managing Director Melanie Croce said in a statement.