Gregg’s Vegan Sausage Rolls Boost Sales

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

One of the biggest topics recently have been the release of the vegan sausage rolls, introduced to us this year by Gregg’s.  It was a bit like marmite, either loving the idea or hating it, office lunches that consisted of figuring out which sausage roll was the original, and which was vegan; either way, it was known far and wide.

It comes to no surprise that the sausage roll has become one of the top five bestsellers at Gregg’s, but what may come as a bit of a shocker is that it has driven sales so high that Gregg’s anticipate seeing the full-year profit (before tax) as the total sales were up by 14.1%, and growing the company managed shops and their like-for-like sales by just under 10%.

This leaves us wondering two things, are you a vegan sausage roll lover, and do you think this is just the beginning for more classic items having vegan options?