Gary Usher Considers Leeds for New Restaurant

Friday, March 22, 2019

Though his plans are in early stages, Gary Usher has been eyeing up Leeds as a possible location to open a restaurant next year.  Previously he had set up an Instagram account for new openings and projects called Wagon House Bistro, which is where he shared his opening intentions.  He posted an image with the caption “make a social media account.  Give your project a name.  Tell everyone it’s happening.  Tell yourself it’s happening.  Convince yourself it’s happening.  Make it f**king happen.”

The building pictured in his Instagram post is a former steam-powered railway wagon hoist tower that dates back to 1850 and is now a central feature of Tower Square in Wellington Place, opening in 2016 and became a hub for this area.

Usher is said to be keen to open a restaurant in this building and has support from the council.  Assessments are underway to determine whether or not it would be a suitable location for a restaurant.