Forget an old pub grub, Dublin chefs are pushing Irish cooking to new heights

Monday, September 26, 2022

If you think your next Dublin trip will include all puddings, shepherd's pie and Guinness, now is the time to turn to the new Bog & Thunder gastronomic company concentrating on trips to Ireland.

"Most people have an antiquated idea of what Irish food is," Kate McCabe, who co-created Bog & Thunder with her husband Max Sussman, told the Mail.

McCabe believes that emphasising the work of Irish chefs could turn Dublin into a culinary capital.

Bog & Thunder tailor made itineraries and group tours to take you off the pub, to allow travellers to explore Ireland's rapidly changing food culture (bespoke travel prices start at $500 a day).

McCabe recommends, for example, a Dublin excursion with Mac Iomaire, the chef who was awarded Ireland's first Ph.D. in food history.

The kitchen sets up a tasting menu on most nights, but you can also drop in for a drop of Pet Nat and some Irish cheese (like a strong, milky blue from Newtownards, County Down) for a late night meal.

There was even a cocktail made with Irish rum.