Food and football fuelled modest leap in Scottish retail sales in June

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Euro 2020 football saw sales of TVs, food and drink increased across Scotland in June, new figures reveal.

Recent figures from the Scottish Retail Consortium (SRC) and KPMG showed this was higher than the three-month average decrease of 6 per cent and a lower than the 0.2 per cent median drop seen in 2019.

SRC director David Lonsdale commented: "Scottish retail sales eked out a further modest improvement in June, the second full month since all shops were permitted to re-open, recording the best monthly performance since the onset of Covid.

This is lower than the 12.1% average over the three-month period and down from the 1.4% average in 2019.

On a comparable basis and when the impact of store openings and closures is excluded, total sales across the country rose 1% compared to the equivalent of sales to Covid in the same month two years ago.