Facial masks in Scotland: new laws on visors extend compulsory wearing

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Taking customer contact data will become compulsory across the Scottish hospitality industry over the next week, Nicola Sturgeon has signalled after the number of coronavirus-related outbreaks in Aberdeen reached 101.

The requirements are not only the necessity that the rooms must gather and store contact information, but also, where possible, pre-booked tables and seating with table service.

Government guidelines say, for now, that pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants should gather customer information so they can trace their contacts but this will become legal on Friday August 14.

The hotel industry already has policies which ask it to collect customer data for testing and protection purposes but from next week it will legislate 'for a range of settings'.

She said a majority of such establishments across Scotland have followed consumer contact information guidelines, but some do not.

She also announced that 'as a precautionary measure', there will be a requirement to wear face masks in 'a wider area of indoors' which was confirmed from Saturday 4th August.

Altogether 18.890 people tested positive for the virus.

Everyone who carries a visor now requires face protection, Ms Sturgeon said: "Based on the latest scientific evidence, we are not convinced that a visor on its own provides sufficient protection to the wearer or to others."