Crowds of drinkers in London's Soho celebrate pubs 'like VE Day'

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Police officers patrolled bustling areas in the capital on Monday night as hordes of people crowded central London for outdoors eating and drinking.

Several West End roads were closed to traffic from 5pm to 11pm to establish open-air seating areas as part of measures introduced by Westminster City Council to support hospitality.

Others were spotted raising a glass and dancing in the street.

Attila Kulcsar, media communications manager, said the crowds "felt like something back to the" real "Soho of the 1990s."

Westminster City Council said it was aware of 'isolated incidents of crowding' of overcrowding and was working with companies to ensure they 'responsibly and safely in line with guidance'.

Images and videos shared across the Internet show people dining on tables full of food and beverages while several dozen more stand in the streets cheering the reopening of the bars and pubs.

Earlier in the day shoppers took to the streets, as businesses closing for the weekend's non-essential business reopened; many gyms, swimming pools, nail salons and zoos welcomed them, too.