Could the Culinary Industry be going Zero-Waste?

Friday, January 18, 2019

According to the ‘What’s Hot Culinary Forecast’, zero-waste cooking is number three in the popular culinary movements, meaning that an increasing amount of chefs are starting to create dishes made from ingredients that would typically be wasted.

It is rising in popularity, following the ‘Broccoli Tots’ created by Chef Alison Swope in DC’s Teaism in Washington was prompted by he co-owner of the business, Michelle Brown, to do something with the daily pounds of wasted broccoli stems. Taking on that prompt, the creation was made; broccoli stems with some seasoning and goats cheese, all combined together with panko and fried – which turned out to become a brand favourite at each of their Teaism locations.

It turns out that in the US, around 30-40% of food produced ends up in the bin, but as consumers become more aware of the waste problem they are more conscious of what they are consuming and using; leading them to try to find more eco-friendly dishes.

Chefs are also trying to use eco-friendly sources for their food.  This includes locally sourced products to lessen carbon footprint and transportation, using plant-based proteins, and also sustainable seafood.

Will 2019 be the year we finally tackle the global warming issues head on and at full force?