Burger King praised for supporting smaller restaurants affected by lockdown

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Independent restaurants can post free of charge to the Instagram account of Burger King UK, the fast food giant announced Tuesday, as a pandemic continues to strikes the restaurant industry hard.

The viral post emboldens independent restaurants to share pictures of their typical dishes using tag # WhopperAndFriends, to be shared via the Instagram channel @ BurgerKingUK.

While parts of the UK including London are heading towards tougher levels of closure,"it's clear independent restaurants need all our support," Burger King wrote in an Instagram post.

Restaurants in Leeds, London and Nottingham have started posting pictures of dishes on their menus, which the fast food giant can share with its nearly 30.000 Instagram followers.

In November the chain urged its customers to order from McDonald's, Taco Bell and independent restaurants, when Britain went into a second national blackout and diner-in services were struck from the menu.