Britannia the worst hotel chain in Britain for eighth year in a row

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Britain's worst hotel chain has been named the UK's best for eight consecutive years, according to Which?'s' Best and Worst 'rankings.

One customer described one Britannia venue as being "a dirty shed," while another said it was "by far the dirtiest hotel room I have ever stayed in"

The chain, which has 62 hotels nationwide, including Grand Hotel in Scarborough and Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool, gave a customer rating of just 37 percent.

One guest in October called it the "dirty" hotel I have ever experienced "cold described it as" dirty,"" cold "and" run-down,"despite one reviewer this month saying," We did not pay too much to stay here, but I can honestly say it was cheap."We didn't pay too much to stay here but I can honestly say it was value for money … It's not a five-star any more so don't expect it for the money you pay."

A separate hotel health inspection took place at Folkestone Britannia, also known as the Grand Burstin, which was shown to have scattered hairs and stained towels.

Royal Bath was awarded 2.5 out of five stars on rating website TripAdvisor.