Andrew Pern's Star Inn in the Harbour to close after lack of council support

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

The Star Inn the Harbour opened in June 2017 and belongs to the Star Group of restaurants who also comprise Michelin Star The Star at Harome, The Star Inn the City and The Winter Cottage, York.

Mr Pern, who was raised on a small farm near Whitby, said a number of factors had affected the catering industry in general, including the impact of the pandemic, but said the "main reason" was "issues with the council."

Star Group is also a leading partner in a new canteen-style restaurant for York Minster to go on sale in around 2023.

The Star Inn in Harome, devastated by a fire, which shut it down for a year, is due to reopen entirely by the end of the month.

In a statement, Mr Pern, who works alongside Mike Green as the director of the Star Inn the Harbour, said they had concluded with 'great sadness and a heavy heart'.

The Winter Hut, a Switzerland-style two-storey chalet in York city centre, is scheduled to open on 17 November.