Meet Inga McVicar, Operations Director at Springboard.

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Welcome back to our 'Spotlight' series where we shine the light on the industry's amazing leaders and inspiring figures! Today our guest is Inga McVicar, Operations Director at Springboard (Learn more here about the Springboard Charity).

Inga McVicar, Operations Director 

  • Can you introduce yourself?

     I am Inga McVicar, Operations Director at Springboard 

  • Where did you start your career at?

    As an 18-year old glass collector in the opening team of CC Blooms in Edinburgh 

  • What motivates you to wake up and go to work?

    The unemployed individuals our charity supports into Hospitality careers. Despite the incredibly difficult barriers many of them experience, it’s inspiring to see their determination, hard work and enthusiasm to learn, develop and be the difference

  • What do you do in your current role?

    I am a member of our Senior Executive team, lead our teams delivering across careers & education and employability in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and I manage our key national employability projects like Diageo Learning for Life

  • What would you do (career-wise) if you were not in this current job?

    I would be a gardener

  • Who is your hero? Why?

    Fiona Colley, who nurtured and encouraged me to start working for Springboard. Fiona led the way at Springboard in supporting the most vulnerable of young people into employment, was a great pal and I miss her every day. She’s the woman I hope to grow-up to be one day.

  • What advice would you give your younger self?

    Just turn up!

  • How do you see the hospitality industry going further/changing?

    Our sector always rises to a challenge, finding creative ways to re-invent our offering and excite our guests. Key to that is our people – it’s never been more important to reach out to our communities to attract new and diverse talent (Springboard can help with that!).

  • Why should people consider working in the hospitality/Tourism sector?

    Our industry is one of the most inclusive and welcoming sectors around – if you can be on time, work as part of a team and want to help others have a great experience, you have a superb career ahead of you. No other sector provides such unique opportunities without qualifications or experience as a ‘must. 

  • Tell us three things about you that no-one knows?

  One: I am a dedicated listener of The Archers.

          Two: I am a Queen of the South supporter despite being born in Aberdeen and having lived on Easter Road for a decade. Queens chose me.

          Three: With a birthday landing at Easter, I don’t like chocolate – too many Easter Eggs as a kid.

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