8 Questions to Ask at The End of a Job Interview

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Have you ever tried to come up with questions to ask at the end of a job interview and failed miserably? If so, this blog is for you! I think we all wondered what is the best question to ask and why you should ask it. Well, I'm going to give you 8 of them you can use in your next interview!

And don't forget that a job interview is not an interrogation. It's also an opportunity for you to interview the company to see if the position is the right fit for you! So, without further ado, let us begin.


Here Are 8 Questions To Ask In An Interview

8 Questions to Ask

1. Can you describe the daily responsibilities of this role?

If you've read the job description correctly you'll know the general list of responsibilities this position involves. However, by asking this question you get a chance to learn what exactly the day or week will look like.

Maybe you'll find out that the part of the job you were interested in the most is not the focal point of this position. So, if there's one question you should ask, it's this one. Why? Because it'll help you can decide if the job's right for you or not.

2. What do you expect the successful candidate to accomplish within the first 3 months?

Do you want to show you aim to excel in the role? Ask this question. You'll find out how the company measures success and will give you a picture of what the learning curve looks like.

Plus, you get to see what is the work pace. And if you're someone who enjoys multiple projects and a tight schedule but the position can't offer you that, you can move on. Or you can ask the next question.

3. Are there professional development opportunities for growth within the company?

ask about Company culture

Okay, so you realised that the position is a good enough starting point but you want more. What now? Find out if the company offers learning and development programmes. So, it might be worth sticking to a not-so-exciting job for a few months and get the opportunity to get the role you're really after.

And it shows that you plan to stay longer with the company. If they see you want to contribute to their development, they'll be more likely to invest in your growth!

4. How would you describe the company culture?

Do you like a more relaxed, entrepreneurial approach and the interviewer describes the organisation as organised and competitive? This is a great moment to know about it. And you'll learn how the company cares for the employees' happiness or work-life balance.

Other than the company culture, you could also ask about the team you would be working with to understand the company structure. For instance, who you would be reporting to and the department you'd work in.

5. What do you like about your job?

Most people like talking about themselves. So, asking this question is a great way to connect with your interviewer. And it gives you an inside, personal perspective. You may even find out how they started within the company and what the working environment is like.

6. Where is the company planning to be within the next five years?

prepare job interview questions

Wondering why to ask this question? Well, this way you get insight into the company's position in the market. Plus you get the general picture of the job security. Moreover, there may be some interesting new projects and plans to expand.

In conclusion, wanting to know the organisation's plans for the future shows you plan to commit to the company and see further than the potential role. Who knows? Maybe you'll end up managing that project or relocating across the globe to oversee the expansion!

7. Do you have any doubts about me being a good fit for this role?

If you want this role, you should ask this question. And why is that you ask? Because it gives the recruiter to ask additional questions which may be the deciding factor if you're in or out. And extra time for you to prove just how great you would be!

8. Prepare some questions to ask of your own

Although asking questions that make you seem smart and invested is definitely beneficial, don't forget to find out what you actually care about. So, before your interview, think of what's important to you and prepare a few questions yourself.

Is it the dress code? You hate dressing smart so being able to wear casual clothes is important to you? Ask about the dress code. Do you need any special assistance accessing the building, the office, or the workspace? Ask. It's always better to ask away than to go astray!

You know what questions to ask in an interview

Well, now you've got plenty of questions to ask in your next job interview. You're welcome! Remember to focus on finding the right job for you. If you're ready to use some of those questions, we've got thousands of vacancies you can apply for. Now, once you land an interview, you'll know what to do.
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