What makes Crieff Hydro a fantastic hospitality employer?

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Here at Xpressjobs, we have been lucky to enjoy working with the Crieff Hydro Family of Hotels for many years. As such, and as a prominent group of hotels in Scotland, we wanted to share our experience of their brand with you. So, read on to find out just why they are one of the best hotel chains in Scotland to work for.

The Crieff Hydro Family of Hotels has so much to offer its employees. From fantastic growth opportunities to friends and family discounts!

Also, as they are based in several locations across Scotland, you can choose the right location for you:

  • Perthshire: the home of Crieff Hydro (which recently celebrated its 150th birthday!) and The Murray Park Hotel.Crieff Hydro is the flagship hotel of the business. The Murray Park Hotel is a smaller sister hotel, set in the quaint village of Crieff. Here you can learn the ropes of working in and running a hotel, before stepping up to the larger challenges of a big corporation such as the hydro.
  • The Borders: the home of another hydro; They Peebles Hydro! More recently purchased by the group, this magnificent Victorian hydro is being gradually renovated and built upon to aspire to be a Crieff Hydro of the borders. Also, The Park, is owned by the group. Much like the Murray Park Hotel, this is a quaint little hotel with a wonderful bakery serving fantastic sausage rolls in the village. Also here you will find the Peel Café. A wonderful catering business ready to provide you with the next step in your career.
  • The West Highlands: Isles of Glencoe Hotel, Ballachullish Hotel, and The Kingshouse Hotel - Here you are in for a real treat. Enjoy live in accommodation, surrounded by stunning vistas in Scotland's natural outdoor playground. Here you can work with the hotel general manager to gain invaluable experience across the business in a variety of roles. Among the offerings are hotel stays, self-catering lodges, weddings, stag and hen nights, spa facilities as well as leisure activities!

Among the offerings are hotel stays, self-catering lodges, weddings, stag and hen nights, spa facilities as well as leisure activities!

So why work for Crieff Hydro?

According to Crieff Hydro, there are 5 main reasons to work with them!

  1. The locations! Their hotels are based in some of Scotland’s most scenic spots, offering you the chance to explore some of the country’s most iconic locations.
  2. Individuality! Crieff Hydro hires the person rather than their experience, they look for personality and outlook, and then train.
  3. Growing your own talent: Crieff Hydro offer fantastic training opportunities to offer you the chance to develop your career in hospitality.
  4. “Different jobs. Different hours. All kinds of people.” Crieff Hydro have over 200 different roles throughout their business. And have employees ranging from from 16 to 83 years old! They also offer all different kinds of hours to suit everyone. Full-time, part-tine or key time.
  5. Family benefits. Crieff Hydro offer fantastic family benefits. This includes discounts on dinner and coffees. Overnights stays can also be purchased for a bargain and families can even save on their fantastic activities.


Even in the face pf COVID-19, Crieff Hydro is still recruiting for roles in Peebles. Crieff, and Ballachulish!

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