Why Work at The Fellows House?

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The Fellows House in Cambridge describes itself as ‘an exclusive destination with an inclusive spirit’. The hotel was inspired by past and present fellows of university.  They pride themselves in their positive attitude which reflects in their service culture. The existing team are like family – all of whom love their jobs!


What’s so Special About The Fellows House?


It's part of their mission to ensure each customer experiences the City like a Fellow - inspired and empowered to maximise their time there by feeling at home. They enable this through their values of person-centeredness, dedication and refinement.



  • They see everyone as people, not guests or staff, and always they to engage and understand them on a human level.
  • They truly appreciate that everyone is different, with their own personal needs and desires that they aim to serve individually.
  • They aim to provide an experience that fits their each customer uniquely as a person, no matter who they are or how long they stay.


  • They constantly strive to understand what it takes to give every single person who walks in the door a stay that suits them.
  • They are committed to delivering the best experience possible with the services, abilities and knowledge they have at their disposal.
  • They are relentless in their search for new ways to serve and inspire people, so they get the most from their stimulation time in Cambridge.


  • They always seek the very best when it comes to quality and never let their high standards slip when it comes to the experience.
  • They put a huge amount of thought and consideration into the design of the experience, so it meets the differing needs of everyone.
  • They want everyone to feel special and ensure that every experience is one they will appreciate and cherish.

Sound like the place for you? Browse current vacancies at The Fellows House here.

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