All You Need to Know About Doing a Hospitality Degree

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Are you thinking of doing hospitality degree at university? Well, here's what you need to know. It's a fascinating industry so no wonder you're considering it! We'll give some advice for those interested but first, a quick note to hospitality graduates.

Well done hospitality graduates!

Congratulations to all hospitality, leisure and tourism graduates of 2020! Xpressjobs usually offers a variety of hospitality, leisure and tourism graduate jobs. However, we know that due to COVID-19 there is sadly not a huge number of graduate roles available within our industry. We hope that this will change in the near future as things begin moving back to normal. In the meantime, you may want to visit our temporary and interim sector for temporary work opportunities while COVID-19 is still an ongoing issue.

Finding the right hospitality degree course

To attend a University Degree or master's Programme in the hospitality, tourism and leisure industry, most universities have entry requirements. To learn about the programmes and qualifications you need best contact one of your local universities or colleges directly.

Most universities' graduate studies showcase an interesting overview of the hospitality, tourism and leisure sector in your city or region in the UK. You should be able to find that information on their website. If it's not there, don't be afraid to pick up a phone and give them a call! They'll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. 

 Briefing at the restaurant. The Manager is briefing the hospitality degree graduates. interacting to head chef in commercial kitchen.

Try to thing which area of expertise you are more most interested in. Is it hotel management, catering, organising events or something else? Narrowing down which area within the sector you want to work in will help you find the right course. Once you have decided, find for universities that specialise in it and do some research on them. Ask yourself if their programme fits what you're looking for. Moreover, most UK universities offer open days for you to go and experience the campus. So, do some homework and see for yourself and see which university catches your eye!

Doing a hospitality degree

Doing a hospitality degree often includes variety of placements within the industries. Further, they give a solid foundation and training on how to create, develop and run hotels, restaurants, or other visitor attractions. Moreover, University Qualifications (UQ) usually provide guidance on the delivery of hospitality training within these specialities and can provide valuable insight on the day to day working challenges within the hospitality, tourism and leisure industry.

Qualifications or certificates in Travel and Tourism, Digital Media, Digital Humanities, and Business are not uncommon learning courses. What's more, they will give you a good foundation to land that dream job. University qualifications also offer vocational training to achieve the qualifications you need.

 The golden reception bell is at the reception of a five-star hotel on the background of two administrators

The UK job market is robust and one of the most competitive in the EU. Due to the web of international employment agencies, many companies would not recruit directly. They would rather ask the applicants to register with a big company or spend a year in one location before being hired locally or directly after leaving university hospitality degree. This is the situation for many graduates. So, if you're in need of hospitality job don't worry! We've got plenty of hospitality vacancies on our website. Go on, start your professional journey within the hospitality sector today! 

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