The 5 Worst Food Trends of 2019

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It’s time.

I spoke about my favourite food trends of 2019 (which you can read here, only once you’re done with this post!) so I figured it’s only fair I discuss the absolute worst – and I’ll not include celery juice  this time, since we all know my views on that abomination from last week’s post.  What a joke, btw. It’s basically green water and I can’t stand the thought of people actually tolerating that behaviour.

Moving on, here are the worst food trends of 2019, some of which make me question how we have 
gotten this far in life.

1 – Aperol Spritz Everything

I can almost understand why people like the appeal, it’s a cute colour for your pictures, sounds like the perfect summer drink to have after work with your friends, and it sounds like it’ll be great in a cocktail.  Until you realise it tastes nothing like your picture-perfect drink, and actually took the Kombucha spot on this blog post, because I cannot get behind this at all.  

It is icky and hurts my feelings.  Just order a cosmopolitan or a woohoo, stop trying to conform to this Instagram life, we want our sugary alco-juice and we want it now. 

2 – Candy Floss Burritos

I’m sure we have all seen this over the good ol’ web, and this may just be a personal problem that I need to work on.  But first of all, it looks like it’d feel like cotton pads with a solid centre and that alone makes me want to hide under a duvet and never return.  Secondly, HOW ARE YOU MEANT TO EAT THIS?!  The ice cream and cereal wrapped in candy floss that dissolves the second it touches water (if you haven’t seen the video of the raccoon reacting to this scientific discovery, you can here.  Thank me later).  This is a disaster.  It’s going to melt, the cereal will sog up, you’re going to get sticky.  It will never leave you regardless of how many times you wash your hands.  You will become the candy floss burrito.

3 – Rolled Ice Cream

Speaking of mad desserts; rolled ice cream.  

I’ll keep this one short and sweet 😉 *

Why would I ever pay more money for deconstructed then reconstructed ice cream.  It’s pudding, not a Lego!  If I wanted to pay half my savings on ice cream, I’d buy Ben and Jerry's at Tesco or buy each ingredient separately, get the finest ice cream maker in the land, and then pay someone to make it for me. 

It is stunning, makes for a good TikTok, but I don’t understand why I’d spend £7 on this when I can go down to the ice cream van and get a 99.

*Turns out I had a lot to say about this one but kept the pun in regardless. 

4 – Charcoal.  Charcoal Everywhere.

A complete contrast to the rainbow food trend of 2k18.  Charcoal has really made its mark on our lives.  Forget about skincare and teeth cleaning, it’s now in our food.

It may look groovy and work as a detoxing snack, but this food additive can actually mess up with medication (hence the whole detoxifying part) – so watch out for how closely you eat this and take your meds.  A snack here and there is fine, but you’ve got to look after yourself, boo.  It’s not worth it, just get black food colouring, make your own food and feel like you can join in. ❤

5 – Celery Juice

I lied.  Celery juice deserves one thing, and it’s to be on this list.

Let me know what food trends you want to say bye to in 2019!

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