Some Days You Have to Create Your Own Sunshine

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I live in Scotland, it is wet.  It is wet and cold and oh so wet a lot of the time.  But we adapt, we make indoor plans to enjoy the days nonetheless, or find fun wellies to brighten the mood around us.  So why don’t we implement that into our work life?

When the day is bad, we complain and let the small bad things amplify and snowball until it’s a whole load of bad and it’s awful and man I need a trip to Spoons. 

There are so many things that can go wrong, much like a thunderstorm surprising you on the day you finally decided to straighten your hair and wear your new mascara, but it doesn’t mean it has to ruin your whole day and mood.

I am so guilty of being a sulk when I miss my busses or when my computer stops working, but it makes things easier for this week’s challenge because I’m going to join you on this one.

This week, try to catch yourself in the bad moments and give yourself a moment to cheer up.  If you are running late, switch to some upbeat music that you can’t not smile to, if your tech fails you (especially on a Monday.  It’s like everything just knows) then take the time to make yourself a hot drink.

It’s hard not to get down about the things you can’t control.  They’re called impulse reactions for a reason but try to reward yourself and be patient and kind to yourself.  Be your own source of sunshine in this rainy mess!

As a very very wise girlboss (it’s Meryl Streep, obviously) has said “it’s amazing what you can get when you quietly, clearly and authoritatively demand it.”

Demand your happiness and sunshine and work to a greater you.

What are you going to do today that’ll start the week off great?

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