5 Food Trends of 2019

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It’s coming up to the New Year and is often a time of reflection, so what better way to reflect on 2019 than to look at the weird and wonderful food trends of the year!  And if you think that I’m putting celery juice on this list then just stop right here and reconsider your choices.  Celery is essentially water, go to the tap and stop lying to yourself, it doesn’t taste good okay Brad.  

Now, let’s look at my 5 favourite food trends of 2019!

1 – Brunch

Breakfast and brunch have been on the rise for years and is peaking – this is also probably thanks to me and my bank account, brunch dates are the new dinner dates and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Check out this link here for the best brunch spots in Edinburgh (If you haven’t tried the pancakes at Loudons, then please do yourself and your gut a favour and put that at the very top of your list)

2 – Acai Bowls

Superfoods and smoothie bowls have been on the rise recently, and I’m sure their Instagrammable façade has a lot to do with it.  These bright, nourishing and flavourful bowls are taking over breakfast massively – overnight oats who? Pft, so last year.

You can find some awesome spots in Edinburgh; I’d recommend Pumpkin Brown and the Hula Juice Bar.

3 – CBD Infused Foods

Cannabis extract infused food and drink has hit an all time high – and though it won’t get you high, it’ll do great work for your health, naming it as a new superfood.

Thank goodness for that, we can all stop pretending to like Kombucha now that something tastier is on the market.  You can get CBD-infused spring water, desserts and even savoury treats with this oil and we’re here for it.  As it’s still rising in popularity, we may see more of it in 2020.

4 – Meat Free Goodness

We’re really getting into meat free meals and sustainability, and it is beginning to show through the decrease of vegan jokes and comments (as always, I will exclude Piers Morgan from this observation).  Brands such as Beyond Meat and the Impossible Burgers are taking over the world and supermarkets in the UK are beginning to stock some tasty treats!

5 – Avocado Toast

It’s still going.  5 years on and it’s still going.  And I am SO glad.  Don’t fight me on this, I will not take any disagreements, you can never go wrong with a cheeky avocado toast.

It is one of the biggest food searches of the year!


What trends have you loved this year?  And what are you hoping to see in 2020?  Let us know!

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