4 Retail Trends We Expect to See in 2020

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With the New Year come new retail trends. It's good to think ahead and not just about resolutions. As we're approaching 2020 with excitement (the only time we’ll ever have 2020 vision, and the last time we’ll hear that joke), let's try and guess what those trends might be.

Whether you work in retail or love a good shop, it’s handy to know what to expect. So to make it easy for you, here’s a list of the retail trends we think you should expect in 2020!


1. Ethical Fashion

Sustainability Is Trendy

This year has been the year of sustainability. Helping move the planet to a greener stage and following trends like #WhoMadeMyClothes has been the centre of attention for shoppers.  We’re becoming aware and it is great to witness that happening!

Retailers Recognise The Conscious Shopper

We don’t see this going away in 2020. If anything, brands will become more ethical or at least more transparent about their efforts. For example, H&M has brought out a more ethical line in the last year. It gives a signal that huge fast-fashion retailers are starting to understand the conscious shopper and their influence.


2. Charity Shopping

 Clothing shop or charity store retail trend

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Charity shopping is also becoming a bigger thing. Tying in with the ethical aspect, stopping the constant flow in fast fashion industry by charity shopping is a great option. It's an exciting way to snag some original pieces and maybe do some DIY tailoring to really make it your own. And if it doesn't work out you don't need to worry. After all, one of the best things about charity shops is finding a good deal.

Recognise Your Privilege

As fun as charity shopping is, you ned to remember that some don't have other options. So, if you want to avoid fast fashion and like original pieces you can still go to a charity shop. Just be aware of the privilege you have to be able to do it as a creative pastime. 


3. Social Media Shopping

Just a Click Away

Retail is hitting up the apps now! With direct shopping on Facebook and Instagram, you really won’t be able to hide from a good deal.  The shoppable feature on Instagram has risen in the last year with 41% of ecommerce brands now using it for their consumers. How exciting!

The Future of Retail

You no longer need to see a cute outfit on your feed and spend ages searching for a dupe or the exact items. Now, you can tap the image and shop it directly if the user implements that feature. This feature will take the retail industry to another level with the help of social media innovation.


4. Pop-Ups

Pop-up store retail trend

More Than Just a Product

We all saw Kylie Jenner’s pop-up shop, and Kim Kardashian-Wests’ KKW store. It’s becoming more of a thing to run a temporary retail spot to generate buzz around new products, a new brand, or to see products in the flesh. When you’ve ordered online and you can only hope for the best upon its arrival (so, so many returned jeans…cry).

Furthermore, pop-ups create the opportunity in the retail industry to give consumers an experience, aside from selling a product.

What other retail trends do you expect to see in 2020?

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