How to Prepare Your Restaurant Staff for the Christmas Rush

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I get to the airport 4 hours before departure, so if you think this blog is too early, you’re wrong, preparation is key, and I won’t be told otherwise!

You can never be too prepared, and if you’re running the ship in your restaurant this year, then read on, because we have some great tips for you!  (Plus, if you’re working this season and feel like you’re running around like a headless turkey, this could work for you and your team!)

Communication is so important during the entire year, but if there’s an increase of demand during the holidays, there should be an increase in communication too.   Let your staff know that though it isn’t ideal for customers to wait, they won’t mind as long as you make them aware of any delays as soon as you know yourself. 

It’s a jolly time, and with work night outs and family dinners on the go, people won’t mind having to chat a bit longer between courses, especially if there’s a good environment and some nice drinks to pass the time!

Though checking in on each table through their meal can be tricky when the restaurant is as full as Santa’s belly (I couldn’t help myself), it’ll always be worth it to check that everyone’s happy and that the food is good – it also means your waiting staff can give your chefs a boost of confidence knowing that their hard work is bringing lots of festive smiles!

Speaking of communication, you need to talk to your staff to see if there’s anything that can help them through this busy time.  Perhaps changing hours a little to alleviate any stress they may be feeling or ask them if they’d feel better having a little more reinforcement with temp staff to help out.  Your staff will be working extra hard and have the responsibility of keeping everyone happy; give them some autonomy and remind them that you’re thankful for their hard work!

Keep an eye on the inventory!  This is super important because ‘tis the season of food and drink, so you need to have enough! 

Hopefully you’ll have records of last years sales, which means you can forecast what you’ll need on a weekly basis.  If you notice, however, that some items are incredibly popular this season, then try to order a surplus of ingredients so that you definitely don’t run out.  And with apps like Too Good To Go, you don’t need to worry about any food that hasn’t been used or is at risk of wasting, as you can give the leftover items away!

And lastly, have fun. 

If your staff can enjoy the season regardless of orders, emotions and Sandra from HR getting a little too drunk at her work meal out, then it’ll reflect upon your customers and everyone will have a truly merry time!  Smiles are contagious, so if your customers leave the place happier than they came, then your staff have really worked their magic, and so have you.


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