A Vegan’s Guide to Sleigh-ing the Festive Season

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The holidays are great; it’s the perfect time to see loved ones, buy as many fairy lights as humanly possible, listen to Michael Bublé on repeat and of course, the food.

But how do you enjoy this time as a vegan when dinners are predominantly meat based, and the Christmas markets have dairy this and turkey that?  It can feel a bit tough, especially when you’re wanting to make plans with people who have a different lifestyle – however all of that is about to change (whoa).  With the increasing demand to have more vegan options, along with some fun top tips, this may just be the best Christmas ever!

So, without further ado, here are some tips on how to master the holidays, whether you’re a vegan, dipping your toes in the lifestyle, or have any food intolerances and unlike me, actually have the will to avoid said food products – this one’s for you!

Also wait until the end to find out how to make an amazing vegan eggnog!

Christmas Markets

(Though I’m basing this off Edinburgh finds, there will be similar places in your location)

Try the German-style stalls, like Kassler on the Mound, and grab yourself a massive dairy-free pretzel to soak in the Christmas atmosphere (plus salty bread is all in all, just a great time really)

You can also get galettes, which are very similar to crepes but without gluten and dairy.  They can be sweet and savoury – something naughty and nice!

There are also fun items on offer, like a chip on a stick (or in less endearing terms, a flavourful twisted potato on a skewer – but way better than it sounds, because well, Christmas.) and vegan friendly cakes on stalls!

Secret Santa and Stocking Fillers

We’re past the point of the V-word, most people understand that vegan is okay to say (unless Piers Morgan is reading this), however to avoid gasps of panic before the big day, let people know in advance of any plans that you’re vegan if they don’t know already, just because preparation is key!

Hotel Chocolat and even supermarkets now all provide vegan, dairy free and gluten free chocolates and sweet treats – so don’t fret, you’ll still get your white chocolate coins in your stocking (or know where to stock up on them for yourself!)

And with vegan friendly products from ethical brands like Lush, Oliver Bonas and The Body Shop there’s no reason you can’t be treated to some lovely goodies!  And use these brands to gift to your loved ones – it’s the season of giving, after all.

Always the Hosted, Never the Host

If you do have some issues with getting another host to prepare food for you, you can bring your own in a bit of a potluck style!  And better yet, host a wee shindig, even if it’s not on Christmas day, and show people the tasty treats you can make that are vegan friendly.  You can get anything from mince pies, gravy, even camembert! 

Stun your guests with some tasty treats in return for their hospitality over the next few weeks.


Vegan Eggnog for Two (two hands or two people, we won’t judge)

2 cups of cashew milk

2 teaspoons of maple syrup

Ground nutmeg and cinnamon

Dark rum of bourbon (pour to your hearts content my festive peeps!)

Add the milk, syrup, nutmeg and cinnamon to a saucepan and heat, adding more spices if preferred.  Before serving, add and stir the alcohol and pour into a festive mug!  You can also enjoy it cold if preferred.

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