3 Things to Do Before You Open a Hotel

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So, you want to open a hotel! Or read about it, or read about anything to avoid calls and emails, I hear you loud and clear, let’s get this show on the road.

Hotels are great, good food, new rooms, comfy beds, it’s like winning a fluffy robed lottery.  But it isn’t all easy breezy on the other side of this amazingness – so this is what you should do before starting up one of your own:

Do Your Research

It helps if you have worked in a hotel prior to opening, so that you understand what goes into the daily life of a hotelier.  However, if you don’t have the experience don’t fret – everyone loves a good chat.  Get to know people in the industry in person or through platforms like LinkedIn and learn what goes into each department.  Talk to owners and staff.  Stay at various hotels and see what you like or don’t like, take some ideas and make your own spin off things!

Look at what people are talking about online, do they have strong opinions on amenities, how sustainable the hotel products are?  Keep a watch on trends so you can hit the ground running with some great ideas and movements!

Figure out Who You Want to Market to

Once you know who your audience are, you’ll know how to best cater for them.  Is it a B&B?  If so, usually people will stay for one or two nights, so you’d know to present them with day trips and attraction information for the area, or to really work on a good breakfast menu.

Do you want to cater for solo travellers? Couples? Families? Once you know these things, you’ll be able to figure out room layouts and make every feature of your guests experience completely personal.  And we all love personal!  (Just don’t get too personal, there’s a difference between making itineraries and presenting guests with food and going on trips and eating said food with said guests…but each to their own)

Get the good vibes going you wee hotelier you!

Find Your Type (on paper)

The best thing about having your own hotel is being able to start everything from scratch!  Plan the management you’ll need, the roles, the characters to match said vibes from the point above and create a happy hotel family before opening to the public.

Get the hiring and training sorted out as soon as you can so that everyone is prepared to launch and get this party started!  It’s best to get through the onboarding so that everyone is ready to go and all learned up for business – and maybe find a chance for a cheeky drink night too, as a guest you can really tell when the staff love what they do with the people they work with, especially in a smaller hotel!

And lastly, throwing this one in for good measure, but have fun!  Enjoy the process and growth and don’t be too scared of getting right into it!


(Of course, if you open a hotel, you'll need staff - it's a good thing we offer vacancies from £49 ;) saucy)

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