What Makes a Café Special?

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We all love a café. 

It’s just fact – they are amazing.  Whether they’re being utilised by bearded Dave who is adamant that the draft he’s typing up will be the new thing everyone will want to read with characters they want to be, or the friends who finally got a moment to catch up after months of uni (queue PowerPoint presentations of what one another missed in their absence), a casual interview or just simply…for coffee.

Coffee (or tea, I won’t discriminate our hot beverage drinkers, make love not war folks) brings people together.  The simplicity of a warm drink with good company can make any day great – or a quick café pit stop before work on a rubbish morning, will vastly improve your mood.  Trust me, cafes have been saving people from “grr this morning sucked” vibes for years.

But what makes us love cafés so much?  Hold on to your hats, café lovers, owners and potential openers, because you’re about to find out!

Free WiFi

You met bearded Dave; he’s starting a novel.  We also have an interview running late and if we throw in some food bloggers for good measure, that’s a lot of data.  However, if you provide free WiFi, these people can pay for a second cup of coffee and a chunk of cake rather than taking a chunk out of their data plan.

Good Coffee

Okay, this may seem a little obvious but hear me out.  I mean gooooood coffee.  Like top notch machines, fun mugs and beans from all over the world; or better yet, source local produce and support them by selling bags of coffee so that your customers can take a bit of their café experience home with them.

Also, though not necessary, latte art never goes a miss!

Comfort Food

Give the café a more homely vibe with some good hearty food (if you add coffee and walnut cake to your menu, I will never ever leave).  Offer up some sweet and savoury grub that isn’t too pricey, and again, if there are local bakeries or butchers around, why not provide some of their items – shopping local and independent is becoming more popular amongst consumers!


When I think of my favourite cafés, they all share one thing in common, and that is the good vibes only, family feel environment.  Of course, aspects like the comfort food, good drinks and comfy furniture add to this, but it’s also the soft background music, slightly cancelled out by chit chat across the shop.  It gives such a community feel, and boosts a lot of creativity for myself, and I’m sure a lot of people would agree.


What do you love the most about cafés?  Drop a comment below and let’s chat!


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