How Hotels and Restaurants Plan and Manage Food Quantities During Peak Seasons

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In the UK, hospitality is such a focal point; with hotels and restaurants finding new ways to impress.

In Edinburgh, we had a month or two to recover from The Fringe, and to prepare for Christmas which really begins mid-October, whether you want it to or not.  Though instead of wondering "why does it have to happen now, I'm not ready for Michael Bublé" (rude, you should always be ready for his festivity and that's that on that.), maybe it's time to look at how it all works and how despite our last minute Christmas food shop, all of the markets, hotels and restaurants are always happy to feed you up with Christmas goods.

If you want to keep the magic alive and believe that it's some Christmas miracle that caused endless amounts of food, I strongly discourage you from reading what I'm about to say - Happy peak season my happy reader, may the food keep coming and may you stay happy <3 However, if you're ready for the truth (or even want some tasty tips for your own biz) then keep on reading!

One of the ways to stay prepared is to try and keep a detailed recording of your inventory, shortfalls and mishaps each holiday or peak season; this will help you look back when the time comes to start preparing for the next.  Try to sweet talk some negotiations for a faster turnaround with suppliers too, this will help massively if it's possible!

Wanting to stock up but don't have the space?  Some restaurants actually rent refrigerated containers, moreso known as a reefer, to fit a greater volume of food and beverages in a portable, clean and weatherproof area.

With detailed records and extra food, it's also good to remember you'll need some extra hands too.  Hire some temp staff (we can help you with that *cough*) a little before the peak season begins so that they know exactly the food standards your hotel/restaurant has - the quantity and quality need to match, if you're busy then chances are so are your competitors.  Try to keep your quality high.  Cooking in masses for the masses is by no means as easy as your normal daily service, but get a finely tuned team in and you're unstoppable.

Lastly, experience - enjoy the process and ride out the storm; each day will add to your experience and each meal will prepare you for a more successful service.  Because we all have to wing it at times, right?

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