5 Ways to Personalise Your Guests’ Experience

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When it comes to travel, guests are looking for something a bit more than the norm.  The good ol’ standard no longer meets their standards, as it’s all about personalisation and unique experiences now.  And we’re here with top tips on how to get that with your hotel!

This ones for you boutique hotel owners!  Check-ins, these are either seamless or the worst thing known to mankind, they can contain mountains of paperwork and a very lost couple debating on whether room 43 is to the left or right.  We don’t need that stress; if we wanted to figure out which path to take and sign our life away, we’d stay at work and buddy up with the Sandra the Admin Queen on the second floor.

Set up a mobile check in process, welcome your guests, take their bags and offer them a drink in the seating area.  Come to them with your wonderful technology that says “yes, this is them and here’s everything you need to know about their stay” and check-in the easy way.  Have a bit of a chat as you bring them to their room and voila, you’ve just become the most hospitable place ever.  And you don’t have to file.  It’s a win-win, really.


Remember the tablet that gives you all the details about guests?  Well it’s about to help you out even more, because now you know about any returning guests. This gives you the opportunity to up the ante on their stay.  If they booked with a restaurant last time, ask if they’d like to make another reservation this time.  Get the bartenders to make their favourite drink, if they had a particular one before.  Or even give them extra room amenities to show that you remember them!

Business or pleasure?

Some guests will be staying for work purposes; make their stay a little more welcoming and easier by offering to upgrade them to the stronger WiFi connection, or better yet, give them a voucher to happy hour so that they have something to look forward to when the day is done and the laptops off for the night!

Take note of this next tip, it’ll give you some practice…Handwritten notes!  Let’s be real, we all love a handwritten note, regardless of what it has to say.  (I mean, you can’t really be mad at a “you’re fired” note if it’s in cursive, can you?)  Leave a note in your guests’ room thanking them for their stay, or to even let them know about anything going on in the building.  It’s such a quick and easy way to personalise a note that would have otherwise been binned, especially if it had been in comic sans

And lastly, give some insider scoop on the location you’re based in!  Everyone loves local knowledge, even if they’re locals themselves – there’s always something to discover, whether you’re new to the area or have been there so long you’re part of the furniture.  Recommendations are great, find out about any events nearby and give your guests other ways to experience their stay!


Do you have any more tips?  We’d love to hear them!

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