Everything You Need to Know About Student Discount

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Books, parking permits, rent and countless cups of coffee; student life isn’t cheap.  It’s also not easy, which is why student discount is the best thing to happen since sliced bread…and pot noodles.  

Get ready for a whole lot of tips, tricks and sites to use (along with a special treat for those in Edinburgh looking for a cheap, student pub crawl!) as it’s time to get your spend on!

Where should I look for these deals?

One of the first companies to think about for student discount is UNiDAYS, which offers incentives to students with over 100 brands, deals and unique codes.

No need to fret if you’re an apprentice – NUS offers discounts and includes apprentices in the scheme!

The third student discount company we’d recommend is Student Beans, who provide deals with over 650 of the world’s biggest brands and operate a global network of students in over 150 countries, so there’ll definitely be some good deals up for grabs!

But how do I make the most of my discounts, and is it worth it?

Student discounts are worth it, even if it costs £12 a year for the likes of NUS, if you do your research!  It’s important to have a look at what’s on offer to see if you’d use it (which the answer to that will most definitely be yes).  But the biggest challenge is actually remembering to use your discount!! 

Remember to carry your discount card with you everywhere you go, that card is a part of you for the rest of your educational years. If you’re in for the long run you may need a name for it, because that will be your new source of survival and it would be a little weird to call it mum.  (We get it, homesickness can be a struggle, but come on.)

Ask; if you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.  When you reach the till of every shop you enter, put on your Puss in Boots eyes and ask them if they can provide student discount.  Just because a brand doesn’t advertise that it offers discounts, it doesn’t mean they don’t!

Student friendly bars in Edinburgh?

We’ve got you covered, click here!

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