What No-Deal Brexit Means For Food

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 As the “final” Brexit date in October creeps in and gets closer and closer, people are still trying to get a better understanding of what it will mean for us – both in our careers but also our general livelihood. There may be many uncertainties surrounding this for a few years, but one thing is beginning to seem scarily clear, and that is us exiting with no deal.

But what will a No-deal Brexit do to our food industry?

As a consumer, you may find your weekly food shop to be rather difficult, with possible fresh food shortages in the weeks and months following our exit.  Big retailers like Tesco have been warned that a no-deal Brexit could be an issue as a lot of fresh food is imported and stored ahead of the festive season.

We may also need to expect price rises.

Brexit is viewed as the biggest challenge since World War 2 by those in the industry, which employs 450,000 people in the UK.  Though we won’t starve, it’s safe to say that there should be preparation for a bit of a struggle as the outcomes could be unpredictable as the result could change everything or nothing at all, but it’s best to stay prepared as can be.

Another impact from a no-deal Brexit will be within the farming industry as it’s said that half of the farms in the UK could fail following this result, along with worries around possible trading deals with the US, as farmers and the general public alike are concerned about what that’ll mean for the care after our animals; seeing as the food standards are different with the US.


If you’re interested in finding out more about food and Brexit, follow the link here.

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