What Are The Best Entry Level Jobs For Hospitality Management?

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Let's get you into hospitality with some great entry level jobs! The hospitality industry, as we know, is filled with opportunity and growth; but sometimes it can be hard to establish yourself within the sector, which is why we’re here to help.  You’re reading this blog for one of two reasons:

You want to know how to get into hospitality management down the road in your career.

You’re nosey. (We won’t judge)

The good news is that we’ll have something for you here, so keep reading to find out more!

If you’re looking at getting into the hospitality management side of things, the most important thing to know it comes with responsibility! You need to know what your staff do, how they feel, what they experience on a daily basis. Entry level jobs will help you grasp that understanding, alongside the experience and growth that's required for you to move up.  But what are those roles and what would you do?  We have listed some roles with descriptions below. If any of them interest you, just click on the role and see where it takes you!

Reception: As a receptionist, you’ll be interacting with a lot of people in person, through email and on the phone.  You’ll get to check up on guests as they check out of hotels. You'll make sure their stay was up to standard. This position also allows you to see what goes on in the structure of the hotel.

Housekeeping: Learn the structure of the hotel inside and out by looking after the guests’ rooms, cleaning and making sure the area is presentable.  It’s good to know what the guests are receiving and typically the room is the key feature. This gives a good insight of what guests experience, while also knowing you can make it better by keeping it up. 

Chef: If you’re looking to manage a kitchen one day, why not work your way through the stages. It allows you to see what goes into the kitchen, along with what’s going out?  Once you understand how much passion and talent goes into the food, you’ll be able to make sure those under you will be able to learn from your growth and passion.  Look at the food management, food waste, and the reviews as you establish yourself to make things better.

Waiter/Waitress: If FOH management or restaurant management is for you, waiting could be the way to go. It involves a lot of customer service skills. You will be obviously be taking the food to guests, but there's a lot to potentially learn from this! You can gain an understanding of what people order and like and investigate how they’re finding the experience so far. These are all great things to know when establishing your career.  Understand what the customers want, and what the waiting experience is like for them and the staff and you’ll be ready to run the show one day!

Do you have any other suggestions for entry level jobs?  Let us know in the comments!

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