The Three Trends That Are Reshaping the Industry

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Things are constantly changing, especially within the hospitality industry.  We’re evolving, meeting the new needs of consumers and booming with the latest trends – but what exactly is reshaping the industry as we know it?

One of the top things at the moment, and one that will hopefully only grow and grow is sustainability.  This stems from the increasing awareness of our need to change the way we treat the planet we live on and thrive from.  With trends such as #SayNoToPlastic and Who Made My Clothes, it’s safe to say that awareness is one of the things we aren’t lacking – and this industry is making the most of it.  With hotels reducing single use plastic, restaurants minimising food waste and retail introducing paper bags and recycling stations, things are changing more than ever before.

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Technology is another ever growing aspect; whether it’s self-service at shops, self-check-in, or even robots – this is one fast moving trend and it’s not looking to stop anytime soon.  Room service is being replaced by Relay which can operate lifts and deliver anything from towels and toothpaste to food and beverages to guests in their room, which is being used in hotels worldwide, including the Residence Inn by Marriott in LA.  Even valets will be needed less, with cars that are self-parking and self-driving being up and coming in the vehicular world.

Though hospitality will never lose the human touch, AI could assist more often than it currently is now. 

The third trend we’re noticing more in this industry is the growing focus on guest and customer experience.  Businesses are continually outdoing themselves and competitors whenever they can in order to meet and exceed the expectations of customers; people are what reshape the industry and reinvent the wheel, which is why it’s more important to do more than the standard and basic to satisfy your guests – especially while in a modern war between man and machine! J


What trends have you noticed in the hospitality industry, and what trends do you want to stop?

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