What is Required for a 5 Star Hotel?

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to be seen as the best of the best?  To find out how to get that 5 star rating and what you can do to boost the rating up in your own hotel, whether you’re the staff or the owner?  Keep reading and you just might (definitely will) find out!

When running a hotel, it’s important to know the basic standards, which would generally consist of cleanliness, rooms with TV’s, shower/WC, table and chair, running reception area and providing food and beverage in the hotel.  But how do you go the extra mile – or extra five miles, in this case?

In order to bring your ratings up, we have listed some of the key features you’d see in 5 star establishments, what the benefits are and how to implement them.

The reception area is important but one thing that really bumps up your rating and reviews is to have a 24 hour reception with multilingual staff.  The reception area is important to guests stays, and you never know when you may need it; and to have staff that are multilingual will encourage guests from all over to come to you.  It also means that guests will feel more accommodated for and brings in that extra level of thoughtfulness and professionalism.

When it comes to the room, added extras like having a safe, 24 hour room service and personal care products such as shower caps, toothpaste, robes etc. add in that personal touch.  Along with providing the likes of a minibar, extra blankets and pillows on demand and an ironing and shoe polish service.  This ensures that the guests do really feel catered for and like it’s not just a home from home, but somewhere they’re really being looked after and that their needs are being catered for.

When the guests first come into their room, there should be a personalised greeting which typically comes in form of flowers or a small present.

The reception area should be spacious and provide seating areas and a drinks service for those wanting to lounge or are waiting to check in or check out.  This area tends to have a WiFi zone too, to provide more for the people in your hotel.

But the one focal point that you should always work on, no matter the stars and reviews, is your customer service as it’s such a people orientated industry.  You can read about customer service here, and how to cater for solo travellers here.

Do you have any other tips on how to boost up your hotel rating?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Information sourced on HotelStars.eu criteria information 2015-2020 and can be found online here.

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