The Evolution on Hospitality and Why to Consider a Career in the Industry

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Hospitality has been around for as long as we have been around, with the simple idea to provide a pleasant space for travellers; even in the biblical times, townsfolk would be hospitable and open their homes to those needing a place to stay, typically for one night.  In Greece, travellers were allowed to use thermal baths to relax their bodies before continuing with their journeys.  It wasn’t until 1200 when hotel concepts were built.

Even looking back to the 20th century when society grew with technological and economical changes, with growing amounts of people, hospitality became more accessible for everyone, not just the riches.  Populations increased, meaning we needed more places to stay, both permanently and temporarily to welcome anyone, which encouraged diversity – and ever since then, we have never looked back.

When working in hotels, marketing and distribution has changed massively. Starting out as word of mouth, newspapers, to reaching the masses via television and radio to replacing a lot with social media and web optimisation.  Even the customer service has changed throughout the years.  With the societal development over centuries, hotels and restaurants and even retail have had to grow at a rate to welcome people and evolve with any demographical trends and changes, along with the technological developments that we see every day.  Yet we still follow the stigma that there may not be a viable career here.

For as long as we have walked the earth, humans have needed humans.  It is one of the industries that has grown constantly, and is the most people forward thing there is; and with technology such as AI and self-service coming into our lives, we are now learning new ways to cater for one another.

The exciting thing about hospitality is that things will not be the same in 10 years, or even in 2, which gives everyone the chance to learn and improve pretty much constantly.  Interacting with new characters and discovering how to incorporate technology into diners’ experiences, new incentives, or even the change of interior desires.  Hospitality is alive and evolving right in front of us; so who wouldn’t want to be part of that lifelong journey?

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