How to Accommodate for and Attract Solo Travellers to Your Hotel

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 Solo travellers are on the rise, with travel companies creating bespoke packages for solo holidays it may be time for you to do the same.

Solo travel can be one of two things; one person on a holiday or trip by themselves, or going into a small group to tour with strangers – and it is rising in popularity, with the likes of TUI and Titan leading the way with packages, and solo catered companies such as Just You, there’s not much time for you to catch up before you’re off a solo travellers radar.

The first thing to remember is that solo travellers are often hit with a single supplement, meaning that they’d be paying more to stay alone than if they were to split the costs when staying with somebody else, and though some are willing to pay, it can often lead them to rooms that are a little less desirable than the standard double room.  Though it’s good to cover your costs in your business, try to make the single rooms appealing and make it worth the money – make them feel catered for from the booking process to the day of checkout.

Find out why they’re travelling so that you can cater to them – if they’re looking to adventure and experience the fun of the surrounding area, come up with recommendations and personalise their experience, however if it’s more of a quiet, relaxing stay, then locate them in a quaint area of the building and turn down the attentive service a notch; however, it goes without saying that this tip should go for all your guests.

If you’re really looking to cater for likeminded wanderers, create an events page on your website or Facebook that include your hotel on goings (if you offer entertainment or conferences etc.) or any events in the surrounding areas; highlight events both big and small, along with recommending local cafes, parks and markets, and also include a list of restaurants well suited towards solo travellers. 

When considering those travelling alone, or within a group of new people, it is important to remember that they’ll be thinking about safety.  Especially among female travellers, so try to highlight that the reception is manned at all hours, the surrounding areas are secure and that you’re happy to arrange any taxi pickups and transfers as these are some of the first things people look for when arranging a trip.

Remember that feedback is everything, for solo travellers and group guests alike.  Ask your guests how to better improve your service, send out a survey after stays and remember that added efforts such as this will boost your reputation and trust.

Do you have any other tips for this topic?  Please let us know in the comments!

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