How to Move up in the Hotel Industry

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Hospitality is an incredible industry to immerse yourself in as it offers so many chances to progress in your career, and especially so in hotels, however it can be difficult to determine how to grow and can leave you stuck often in the same roles which you may enjoy, but may also leave you wanting more. 

Progression takes time and a lot of dedication, but it is always worth it, which leads to the first piece of advice; stay motivated, love the people and enjoy the work you do.  This goes for most jobs out there, but if you want to stand out then you need to show your motivation and remember why you’re doing what you’re doing.  There are always going to be days that get under your skin, but show your shine through tackling tasks and showing your abilities.  This also ties in with enjoying what you do, as in hotels you may get asked to work overtime; try not to turn it down each time, as it’ll show your determination, and hopefully will be enjoyable if you love what you do!

The people make up hospitality, both in the profession and also as the consumers, so it is important to show your enthusiasm for working with and looking after people; go the extra mile when it comes to being a ‘people person’.  Try to make the people staying in your hotel feel like it’s a whole new experience, remember names of the familiar visitors and cater to each individual’s needs – though this doesn’t just stop at the customers.  When it comes to progression, your boss will look at your people skills, along with your leadership; go the extra mile, delegate when appropriate and take part in any discussions.

Show that you’re not afraid of getting out of your comfort zone.  Let people see that you’re willing to move around, pick up tasks that will expand your knowledge throughout the hotel, making it easier to become more flexible and move up in your career.  There are also industry specific certificates and qualifications you can earn in the workplace which will allow you to open doors to bigger opportunities.

Keep at it with hard work, determination and dedication within the industry and you’ll find many ways to go in your career.

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