How to Create Experiences within Hospitality

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When you go shopping, it can be done online; a few clicks and your items are on their way, however, the physical shopping itself in one word is an experience.  You go to have that human touch, to look around, subconsciously caring about and judging your time out by the music in the background, the people surrounding you and the way you feel coming out.  We are such critical people, which is why it’s important to create a positive experience for your guests, customers and fleeting visitors wherever you work.

Keep reading to see our tips on some different areas within the hospitality industry, and as always, if you have any extra tips and tricks, let us know in the comments on this post or on social media!




So many characters visit hotels.  Those on a work trip may view it as just a place to stay, somewhere to put your bags and rest your eyes; and if that’s so, then perhaps leave a little something in the room to create a welcoming atmosphere.  No hotel should ever be a one purpose room, enhance their experience and provide room service options, room amenities or even a little drinks voucher to entice them out of their room and into the bar!

If there are families staying for a few nights, take time to look at their routine; if they tend to reach for the coffee more than the teas in their room, replace the tea, simple things like this will show that you make that effort to ensure their stay and experience are enjoyable.

Make sure the lobby music, if any, matches the look and feel of the hotel.  Ensure that it even smells nice to tie it in; after all, why should the only sense we experience on first impressions be looks?  Create an experience that your guests can immerse themselves in completely by enhancing all the senses!


When it comes to restaurants, it is known that the dining experience matters.  However this goes a little further than the outstanding customer service and décor that you may be expecting to find on a list such as this; just as we mentioned for hotels, there are so many different types of people, the first and most important thing is to remember to cater for them!  Even if you may begrudge what seems like dietary trends, it looks like it’s all here to stay, try to offer some menu options catered to each dietary requirement and preference to give your diners a special, inclusive experience.  Another good addition? Gluten-free beer.  You’re welcome ;)

You could also host events and live entertainment, it could lead to people staying longer simply because it’s more than a place to just eat food.  Give your diners something to remember.  “Remember when we had that amazing food at that place with the band/performer/magician?” sounds so much better than remembering good food after all!  If it will positively enhance your customers’ experience then it may be good to consider.


This goes hand in hand with restaurants, but why not bring it up a notch?  Host drink making nights, get your customers’ involved in the process of their orders by having the bar staff make a show of their drink, after all, not all of us are capable of confidently throwing and catching £70 bottles of rum!

Bring everyone together with the atmosphere.  Think about what kind of bar it is; do you want people to talk or to dance? This will help determine the volume and type of music you play for your customers.


Do you have any additional suggestions?  Let us know in the comments below!

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