Sustainability Series: Hotels

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In this part of our Sustainable Series we’ll cover how to make hotels more sustainable for the world around us.  If you haven’t already, have a look at our first part covering restaurants hereto see what you can adopt into your day to day life.

So the question is, what can hotels do to help our environment and daily life?


Though it may be tempting to provide water for the room as an extra amenity, guests are now looking for hotels that are environmentally aware and will be less likely to use bottled water, especially if you’re located somewhere that allows them to safely use the tap water.  Consider offering glasses in the rooms for this, or perhaps install an eco-friendly filtered water dispenser on each floor to make guests and staff more conscious of their water usage choices.  This can help save money too for your business as you’ll no longer have to pay for bottled water.  Why not make it a refill station for passers-by if you’re in a busy location?  Let the public know that they can refill their bottles on the go; not only are you saving wastage and plastic use, but you may also end up with more customers in the long run knowing that you’re doing something to become more sustainable.


This would fall a little into the sustainable restaurants blog and our blog about the food and beverage industry ‘saving the world’ but a few more ideas would be to serve local and organic food, ensuring that guests are easing healthy and sustainable meals; this is a big thing travellers and guests look for these days.

Consider composting to divert food from landfills, or even better, figure out what you can do with the scraps!  Did you know that potato peel, parsnip peel etc. can be used in many dishes, or even as a light crisp snack, get creative and see what you can do to reduce food waste!


With new technologies and efficient ways to ensure your room is safe, hotels have been using key cards but since their introduction have been made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) based plastics which is highly toxic during the manufacturing process.  A good alternative would be to make key cards from paper, wood or bioplastic making it environmentally friendly while still being a durable and useful product.

A lot of rooms have amenities like shampoos, soaps, coffee etc. and can all have a bad effect on the environment, so what can we do to change this?  Provide biodegradable or recyclable packaging, or buy items in bulk so that there is no unnecessary waste.  Encourage your guests to reuse their towels, sheets and bedding so that the housekeepers cut down on the usage of washing machines and dryers because lets be real, nobody changes their bed sheets daily when they’re home.  One way to encourage this would be by providing linen cards and do not disturb signs to let housekeepers know when they want to reuse items.

One of the easiest ways to help with sustainability in rooms is by replacing plastic and paper cups for coffees and drinks with glasses and mugs that can be reused; though paper cups may seem like a good alternative, they contain plastic linings to prevent leakage through the paper itself!


Equip your staff with environmentally friendly supplies and knowledge.  Start using bio-based cleaning products rather than chlorine and other nasty chemical filled cleaners; they’ll be kinder to your skin, your furniture and our world.

Teach your staff about sustainability, knowledge will take us further and help us do more, and as we learn we can teach others; give your guests some tricks to take home with them and give them an environmentally conscious experience that they’ll want others to experience too!

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