“Take a Leap of Faith and Begin the Wondrous New Year by Believing”

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As Christmas winds down, the New Year approaches fast and intensely, followed with the question you dread to hear; “what are your New Year’s Resolutions?”

Resolutions, goals, plans – they’re all good things to have, but for some reason the New Year has some unachievable and demanding mantras stuck with it.  I must lose weight.  I will change my house.  I have to cut off these people from my life and start fresh.  The famous words “New Year, New Me” come to mind.  But why do we feel the need to lose weight as soon as January comes around, facing the inevitable guilt when you eventually return to work and realise you cannot maintain an Instagram Beauty Gurus 3 hour work out, 2 hour meal prep and a daily run?  So many posts online right now are focused on these things, comments between friends about how they feel bad about having some chocolate when they should be dieting.

But what if instead of cutting carbs, we cut out the idea that a new leaf, a new beginning, means a new us?  Don’t worry about what you should be eating and think about what you should be doing.  Of course we are only human, we do have these insecurities, but you can start the gym or a new diet or new regime any time.  Don’t pressure yourself to change after such a lovely festive break.  Instead, let’s think about the changes we want to see in our communities, jobs, in the world.

Believe in yourself.

A lot of the time, especially in the creative industries, there are the people that don’t release things because they aren’t perfect – but perfection is objective; the reason they don’t release things is because they are lacking in the belief that they can.  Which leads to the question to ask yourself – what am I holding back from? Why haven’t I done this yet?

Going into the New Year, reflect on what has been done, and what is to come. Go to college and study that passion of yours, find a job that makes you excited to wake up in the morning, get on the train to visit your loved one and enjoy the company; you’ll both grow from time together, read the book you bought 2 months ago and just let yourself breathe.  Take yourself away from the constraints, block out the news articles telling you how to lose 10 pounds in 7 days and any article that dares utters the words “beach body ready”.  Because this year is about the mind, what we’re doing and who we are, and it is not defined by how we are meant to feel and look.

2019 is the year we start to believe in ourselves and others.  Let’s take the leap of faith, if you’re looking for a sign or some sort of message in order to do that thing, this is your sign.  Stop looking, and start doing.

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