Restaurant Tech – Serve Yourself?

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A recent meal out made me realise how the food and beverage industry could be changing before our very eyes.  Slowly but surely, places are starting to get customers to serve themselves, or do more; but why? Is it to up the experience, or perhaps let the customers feel as if they are doing more, giving them more freedom to spend the night how they wish – and is this how to get people to stay later?

Walking into Vapiano I was instantly hit with the question “have you ever been here before?” giving me the Nando’s vibes, not to the woman’s surprise, my answer was that I have in fact never been.  I was then given a card, which would be used throughout the night to ‘pay’ for everything. 

This made me wonder where technology is taking us in the service sector.

As a Spoons loving Scot, it was revolutionary when I discovered that I could now order my food and drink to the table through an app, paying through my phone and not having to get up or bother any waiters…until they come to the table for the umpteenth millionth time with yet another serving of halloumi fries (they’re amazing) and a pitcher; it makes the experience more extraordinary and gives you a sense of involvement.

Things are growing in the technology side of eating out, with bookings becoming online based and systems through Instagram marketing to audiences that could become potential consumers, it is clear that the industry is keeping up with the demand of society and the digital world we are diving into; but where will it take us next?  Will more restaurants start doing apps, self-serve cards or minimum waiting? It’ll be exciting to see where 2019 takes us next.

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