Blog - January 2019

  • Restaurant Tech – Serve Yourself?

    Posted on Friday, January 25, 2019 by Amy ListonNo comments

    A recent meal out made me realise how the food and beverage industry could be changing before our very eyes. Slowly but surely, places are starting to get customers to serve themselves, or do more; but why? Is it to up the experience, or perhaps let the customers feel as if they are doing more, giving them more freedom to spend the night how they wish – and is this how to get people to stay ...

  • “Take a Leap of Faith and Begin the Wondrous New Year by Believing”

    Posted on Monday, January 7, 2019 by Amy ListonNo comments

    As Christmas winds down, the New Year approaches fast and intensely, followed with the question you dread to hear; “ what are your New Year’s Resolutions?” Resolutions, goals, plans – they’re all good things to have, but for some reason the New Year has some unachievable and demanding mantras stuck with it. I must lose weight. I will change my house. I have to cut off these people from my life ...