We Rise by Lifting Others

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We’re at the start of a new week, and with that it is time to plan the days ahead; reflecting on the last week to make the next week better. As individuals, reflection is highly important, and today we are thinking about success and how we all get to where we are.

“We rise by lifting others”.

These are five words to repeat to yourself on a daily basis because you cannot succeed alone – success comes from the connections you have gained, the paths you have stumbled upon and the people you have encountered along the way.

Perhaps you connected with somebody on LinkedIn who offered you the opportunity to assist them on their next project, and maybe that led you to where you are now? Or maybe you overheard a captivating and inspiring conversation on the bus that sparked something inside you to do more, or the encouragement of your family to start up your dream business. Whatever it was, you did not get here alone.

The beautiful thing about lifting others and showing kindness is that it snowballs, flurries and carries on to the next person, and the person after that. How about you start that snowball today…help someone with their shopping bags, or attend a small artists’ exhibition, pay forward at a café or tell a busker that they’re full of potential, because the kindness you show these people could spark something in them, regardless of what they do with that kindness, whether they say/do something kind to another person, or use it on themselves to further themselves with the encouragement you gave them – you could start something great.


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