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Industry supplier tools: recruit hospitality, tourism and leisure candidates

If you are looking for better and more efficient ways to recruit hospitality, tourism and leisure candidates, then we can help. Our smart recruitment board means we can help recruiters find the perfect candidate - fast.

The benefits of our platform include links to many different job boards across the web. This means that we can have your vacancy in front of thousands of potential candidates within minutes. We’re able to actively engage and interact with candidates, making them feel welcomed and enthusiastic about the roles we advertise. 

We’re able to analyse job boards quickly. We can then work out what adverts are working well and which ones could use some more work. This means every ad is working to its full potential to meed the needs of our clients. 

Candidate insights

Our technology means we can create insights into candidate behaviour. Through this we can advise on how to best frame any advert, and where the best places to highlight it are. So this, along with a wealth of experience from our team, means we can help recruiters find the right candidates quickly.

We can perform advanced searches including postcode areas and past employee identification. We can even make sure your advert is sent out to specific groups who have shown a high interest in specific types of roles. Our candidate registration service means your role can be landing in inboxes the minute it goes live on our site. 

Easy onboarding

Once you’ve found the right person for the job, we can take care of everything else. From offer and welcome letters to payroll integration and compliance management. This makes everyone’s life easier and gives the candidate a smooth transition into their new role. 

So whether you are hospitality headhunters, tourism recruiters, a leisure recruitment agency or anyone else looking for an efficient recruitment process, can help.

The perfect candidate

Our aim is to find you the perfect candidate quickly. If you’d like to find out more about who we are and how we can help you meet recruitment targets with high-quality placements, please get in touch. We can help you recruit hospitality, tourism and leisure candidates efficiently.