Heeton UK


Heeton Holdings Limited is a real estate conglomerate focused on property development, investment and management. Established in 1976, the Singapore-based company was listed on the country’s stock exchange in September 2003, and has since extended its business frontiers to Thailand, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam and the United Kingdom.

Heeton’s growth in the property industry is underpinned by a stable real estate portfolio that comprises high quality residential developments, commercial properties and hotels. The hospitality sector is a relatively new area of focus for Heeton but it has become a major business segment for the group; going forward, developing the hotel division will be a key priority for Heeton, with the objective of becoming a prominent player on the international hospitality stage.

Heeton has also formed strong partnerships with other established real estate groups to develop larger scale projects locally and internationally. Most recently, the company led a consortium in the acquisition of a 2.5 acre mixed-use site in the heart of Leeds, UK. With the plan for six buildings forming an important component of a regional regeneration scheme spearheaded by Leeds City Council, the enterprise will be the Group’s largest and most ambitious development undertaking to date.