Interview Techniques

Interview Techniques - part 1

One of the most crucial points for interview preparation is research.  In this article we explain the tips and tricks on how to seem knowledgeable about the company and also yourself.

Interview Techniques - part 2

It's the day of the interview and we're here to help you get the most out of it and tell you how to make the first impressions count.

Interview Techniques - part 3

It's time for the interview, you have prepared your outfit, rehearsed your questions and answers, and even practiced your handshake - so what now?  In this final part of our interview segment, we go over all of the tips and tricks to ensure your interview goes as well as it can, and to help you feel confident, positive and prepared.

Telephone Interview Techniques

Telephone interviews can seem a little more daunting than the face to face interviews that you may be more familiar with, but if you do it right, your possible future employer will be keen to meet you in person; but how do we get you to that point?  Follow these top tips and see where it takes you!