Interview Techniques - part 2


Part 2 -  Day of the interview

So it's finally the big day, after rehearsing your questions and answers, it is finally here - but how do you make it perfect?

We recommend having a quiet night beforehand, relaxing yourself and having enough sleep before an interview will help your nerves or any worries you may be feeling in anticipation of the day.  Give yourself plenty of time in the morning to get ready, and eat a good breakfast beforehand so that your stomach doesn't start rumbling in the interview; we've all been there, during an interview or exam, trying to conceal our hunger, always eat before! 

Plan a reliable way of getting to the interview, have a look at your journey, with a practice run if need be. Make sure you are 15 minutes early.

First impressions do count. Make sure you are well groomed, with neat hair, and that your clothes are conservative. (See our Dress to Impress segment for tips on how to present yourself professionally whilst feeling confident in your clothes). Practice your handshake to make sure that it is firm. Smile and make eye contact, but don't stare. Once invited to sit down, sit upright with your hands on your lap. Try not to fidget or look distracted.  The best thing to do is to be yourself, natural and have faith in yourself - they want to interview you for a reason, so relax and try your best.

If you are a smoker make sure that you do not have an odour on your clothes. It is advisable that you do not smoke before your interview at all.

When it comes to talking in the interview, manners are crucial.  Make sure you listen carefully and do not interrupt, and try to keep your tone as upbeat and polite as possible, so that nothing comes across in a rude way. Keep your answers clear and to the point. Answer questions with examples, to show your understanding and experience.  Lastly, make sure your mobile phone is off or silent so that there are no interruptions during the interview.