Hospitality Health

Working in Hospitality? Going Through Any Hard Times with Mental Health or Wellbeing? Hospitality Health are here to Help.

Going into 2019, the stigma around mental health is falling and people are beginning to talk about it more; but when it comes to work, sometimes it makes things a little harder.

In August 2018, a Scottish charity called Hospitality Help was formed to support staff in the industry as over the years it has developed into quite a stressful field for already hard-working people to be involved in, making it the perfect time to act, with the intention to help those in need of support by providing wellbeing advice and giving information about organisations that can help.

They are also promoting an Employee Assistance Programme, in the hopes that it’ll make the employer better for their staff.

If you are in need of some support or know somebody who is that is in hospitality, please have a look at their website and their support resources and find out more.